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President and Technical Executive Officer of KEETs (Kids Enjoying Emerging Technologies) After School Enrichment Program since 2011, Tradina DeMary, M.S. has been applying information & technology to real work experiences for more than 20 years in the public and private sectors. She is a Jacqueline of all trades! Over the course of her career the following employment history shows her love of human services. How do you know when you are a born leader? When you search for your purpose and master a variety of  trades so quickly. I learned from the bottom up!

Her first job as a teenager was at Church Home Hospital as Dietary Aid.

She was then employed by Youth Works through Baltimore City Department of Public Works as Street Sweeper.

Tradina worked for Procter and Gamble  as Factory Warehouse Worker.

She worked for Broadway Services as Janitor.

Tradina worked at Baltimore City Community College in various positions as Office Assistant, Computer Lab Assistant and Librarian Assistant.

She served in  Americorp as a After School Tutor via Police Athletic League.

Tradina worked at Baltimore Camden Yards via Boardwalk Fries as Cashier.

She worked for Abacus Temp Agency via Maryland Department of Transportation as Toll Clerk Auditor.

She worked for Labor Ready via Mobile Mini as Secretary.

She worked for Abacus Temp Agency via Baltimore Department of Finance as Accountant Clerk.

She worked for Abacus Temp Agency via Baltimore City Public School System as Office Secretary.

She worked for Able Personnel via Catholic Charities as Office Support Staff.

She worked at University of Baltimore as Disability Support Specialist and Admission Recruit Specialist.

Tradina worked at Towson University as Office Support Specialist.

She worked for the Prejudice Institute as Intern.

She worked for Adecco via Provident Bank as Document Scanner.

She worked for Baltimore City Public School System as After School Tutor.

She worked for Center for Social Change as Autism Program Support Specialist.

She worked for Catholic Charities as Transitional House Assistant.

Tradina worked for Progress Unlimited as Weekend Assistant House Manager.

Ms. DeMary is still in her 30s  and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She’s well qualified as an Executive in her own right.  Tradina has a AAS degree from Baltimore City Community College in Computer Information Systems. She has a BS degree in Applied Information Technology from University of Baltimore.  Tradina also has MS  degree from Towson University in Applied Information Technology.



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