64th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics — Tuesday November 22, 2011

  • Day Three Agenda

I attended the following APS sessions of interest.

  1. M3. Bubbles III, Room: 303, Chair: O. Basaran, Purdue U.
  2. M3.01 Optical Tomography of Polydisperse Dry Foam A. Chieco, K. Feitosa, P. Korda, A. Roth, D. Durian
  3. M3.02 Wall effects in Stokes experiment with a liquid foam H. Gao, H. Subramani, M. Harris, O. Basaran
  4. M3.03 Velocimetry of aqueous foam drainage M. Kennedy, J. Fleming
  5. M3.04 Bubble rearrangements dynamics in foams M. Le Merrer, S. Costa, S. Cohen-Addad, R. Hoehle
  6. M3.05 Bubbling regime in planar co-flowing air-water sheets C. Guti´errez-Montes, R. Bola˜nos-Jim´enez, A. Sevilla, E. Sanmiguel-Rojas, C. Mart´Inez-Baz´anr
  7. M3.06 Universality of Bubble-Jets in Gravitational Fields D. Obreschkow,M. Tinguely, N. Dorsaz, P. Kobel, A. de Bosset, M. Farhat


  •    Meet The APS Journal Editors


  • APS Outreach mission was to communicate the excitement and importance of physics to people of all ages. They promoted physics through our website, physicscentral.com, our blog, our extremely popular comic book series about Spectra the laser superhero, our wildly successful PhysicsQuest program and many, many other projects. I stopped pass and picked a comic, poster or some great outreach ideas. The best exhibit by far.


  • Poster Session LA


  • Poster Session LA
  • Reflection and Rest from a informative conference.

Thanks to the American Physical Society for their generous support!



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